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NEW!! 4" Daisy Clip! $1.50 Each! Only $12.50 per DOZEN

wholesale gerber daisy flower head on clip for hair supplier

4" Daisy Clip! $1.50 Each! Only $12.50 per DOZEN

Try out our NEW wholesale pricing on Daisy Flower Hair Clips! Make us your supplier with these great prices! Starting at just over $1 each when you purchase by the dozen, or $1.50 individually! Pair these with our hats, headbands, or personalized bow holder for a perfect gift. Purchase in bulk by the dozen! Great for personal use or for retail locations!

Quantity: 1. White DOZEN $12.50 Quantity: 1. White 1.50
2. Lavender DOZEN $12.50 2. Lavender 1.50
3. Purple DOZEN $12.50 (OUT) 3. Purple 1.50
4. Light Pink DOZEN $12.50 4. Light Pink1.50
5. Dark Pink DOZEN $12.50 5. Dark Pink 1.50
6. Red DOZEN $12.50 6. Red 1.50
7. Yellow DOZEN $12.50 7. Yellow 1.50
8. Orange DOZEN $12.50 8. Orange 1.50
9. Green DOZEN $12.50 9. Green 1.50
10. Brown DOZEN $12.50 10. Brown 1.50
11. Black DOZEN $12.50 11. Black 1.50
Assorted Dozen $12.50

Daisy Hats $5.50

wholesale cheap daisy flower hat for girls and baby

Daisy Do Hat $5.50 Each

4" Daisy on a crochet hat. You can't beat our wholesale prices. Flower Hats fit toddler through adult, or see our flower headbands below! Choose your flower and Hat Colors below

Flower Color:
Hat Color:

Daisy Do Headbands $4.50 Each

wholesale cheap daisy flower headband for baby and girls

$4.50 Each

4" Daisy Flower head on a soft, stretchy Nylon Headband. Can't beat our wholesale prices. One Size fits all. Choose Quantity, flower color and headband color of your choice below, or purchase flower hat above.

Flower Color:
Headband Color:

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